About us

We at The Information Company are experts on performance management. Together with our customers, we work to create and implement effective performance management. For real. We're pragmatic and love to make things everyone says are difficult easy, and we're really ace at what we do.

We're simply passionate about our customers achieving their targets!

Our history

Creating change

We want to change the perception of performance management.

It all began in a conference room in Vaxholm, where three people shared a dream. The Information Company was founded in 2007 by David Holmberg, Filip Thorsén, and Anders Byttner with a mission to change the perception and effects of business management and business intelligence.

As a result of The Information Company's unique method of quickly and easily translating customer strategies into focused, actionable and measurable targets, the company quickly gained a large number of satisfied customers and international recognition. The company gained a customer base in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Belgium in short order.


we moved to ”the top of the world” and our new office on the 24th floor in Skrapan!


we got our 100th customer!

fira 100 kunder


a year of expansion in the form of new employees and even more customers


94 per cent of our customers actively recommend us to others


TIC turned 10; we beat our sales record and worked with our 160th customer!

Kontoret TIC

Our projects speak for themselves

Since its inception, The Information Company has worked with more than 160 organisations together with whom it has developed effective performance management. For real. Our customers achieve their targets and see clear, bottom-line effects.

We're driven by our values

We are


We listen to our customers and help them achieve results
by setting targets that are rooted in their reality.

We love


we do our homework; we enjoy making complex things simple and
objectives easy to understand to help customers act accordingly

We think


We're experts in performance management; we combine the latest research with well-proven methods to create value for our customers

We are


We value personal contact with our customers;
getting there with us is fun and simply feels right

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