The result from our work with Export­kredit­nämnden

Tool for communicating objectives and strategies

  • +++ Growth strategy was made into clear targets

EKN in brief

The challenge

EKN, the Swedish Export Credit Agency, is a government authority tasked with promoting Swedish exports. It does this by insuring the risk of not being paid in export transactions. In 2009, EKN faced the challenge of increasing its rate of extension toward becoming more businesslike and increasing transaction volumes, thereby providing further support to Swedish exports. Accordingly, the then Director General Karin Apelman, saw the need to introduce performance to create a common focus that helped the organisation push through the desired behavioural changes.


The solution

EKN's growth strategy was translated into a few concrete targets for each unit. Management was supported by The Information Company in prioritising what was important for each organisational unit in order to achieve a common extension in compliance with strategy. Each target was given KPIs to monitor during the year to ensure the desired actions. Targets and KPIs were monitored in the Qlikview business intelligence application. w.


The result

Thanks to the collaboration, EKN became better at creating focus and the ability to act on objectives and strategies. The model introduced also led to a proven monitoring system where visual dashboards make it easier to see what needs to be prioritised.

  • +++ Growth strategy was made into clear targets
The Information Company helped us in a very positive way plan and monitor the investments EKN needed to make

Beatrice Arnesson Head of Communications Export­kredit­nämnden

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