The result from our work with Tele2 – SELT

Continuous growth over five years and increased market share

  • +++ Continuous growth over five years and increased market share

TELE2 in brief

The challenge

In the autumn of 2017, Tele2 Sweden identified a need to yet more clearly operationalise its new strategy, i.e. ensure actions among all employees in line with strategy. Accordingly, there was a need to ensure that performance management for 2018 was truly based on and actively run in compliance with the newly developed strategy. There was also a need to clarify the role performance management would play vis-à-vis financial monitoring, and to make sure all decisions were more evidence-based through improved root cause analyses.

Clear roles and responsibilities

The solution

The Information Company worked closely with Tele2 Sweden's management team (SELT) to develop the company's performance model and truly highlight the essence of the company's strategy in order to more clearly promote actions in line with it.

Roles and responsibilities between SELT and the business units were clarified by basing business unit performance management entirely on a unique strategy for each unit and SELT's performance management on company-wide strategy foundations. In the follow-up, it became clear that SELT should also have responsibility for solutions (SOLVE) for company-wide strategy foundations and only follow-up (TRACK) consumer and company-specific objectives.

The choice was also to distinguish between financial monitoring aimed at understanding the financial effects on the one hand, and on the other, performance management that sought to create behaviours in line with strategy – a strategy that naturally leads to positive financial outcomes.

Clear effects throughout the organization

The result

Reached targets

» High awareness among all employees about strategy and focus
» Clear management model that is well received throughout the organisation
» Established process where strategy is annually translated into actionable objectives
» Unifying theme between the overall objectives of departments and units
» Clearly visualised monitoring
» Monitoring and analysis process that drives fact-based decisions

  • +++ Continuous growth over five years and increased market share
During the years we've worked with The Information Company (TIC), we've continuously developed and improved performance management. In a positive way, we truly forced ourselves to dare to reject things, and we've seen concrete effects in the areas we chose to focus on. Today, the performance management methodology we developed together with TIC is the natural approach and the tool we use to generate actions in line with strategy.

Samuel Skott CEO Tele2 Sweden Tele2 – SELT

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