The result from our work with Trygg-Hansa

Increased number of households

  • +++ Positive development of the customer base

TRYGG HANSA in brief

The challenge

Trygg Hansa Privat was in a situation where each department monitored and analysed a large number of KPIs without any immediate priority or overall focus. They ended up in a situation where it was difficult for management and employees to focus or see a clear direction, as there was a feeling that "everything was monitored".

Joint focus

The solution

Together with the management team, The Information Company secured performance management with a common focus for the whole Privat operation that every department related to and felt committed to achieving.

We reduced the number of objectives and identified the target that was most important of all to achieve during the year. Together with the management team, the actions that would take us towards the target (management) were also identified, as well as the boundaries inside which they had to remain (monitoring).

Performance management actions and monitoring insights were translated into KPIs and relevant target levels. Everything was clearly documented in a KPI catalogue, as were the people in charge of data collection and analysis. An inspiring Power BI visualisation in the form of dashboards was created to establish the basis for regular, systematic monitoring of the identified targets.


The result

For the first time in many years, Trygg Hansa Privat succeeded in increasing the number of households. The major reason behind this success was daring to focus on a target where they truly wanted to achieve the extension. By acting as a team to identify the prioritised target and taking action to reach it, management naturally contributed to the success. Thus another positive effect was the way management's work became more effective and more motivating when everyone could agree what the common focus was. It created better cross-functional collaboration and therefore better results.

  • +++ Positive development of the customer base
Together with The Information Company, we achieved fantastic results. We went from a logjam of KPIs that failed to drive action, to performance management that involved everyone, created an overall focus and was lucid for the entire operation.

Susanne Holmström Head of Trygg Hansa Privat Trygg-Hansa

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