The result from our work with Canal Digital

Increased awareness

  • 70% » 98% Greatly increased awareness of the organisation's objectives and strategies


The challenge

Canal Digital is one of the Nordic region's leading television distributors with over 100 TV channels and interactive services used by almost 3 million viewers every day. For nine years, The Information Company was an operating partner to Canal Digital in Sweden and Finland in their business planning process. The challenge for Canal Digital was to translate strategy into focused, actionable and continuously monitorable objectives, and to make sure that all employees were aware of the objectives and strategy.

Clear methodology

The solution

Together with Canal Digital, The Information Company developed and implemented a methodology which distinguishes between management and monitoring. The management component represented what Canal Digital should focus on in the years ahead by establishing a priority objective with correlated focus areas. The methodology imposed a clear focus on the effect that was most important of all to achieve during the year, and the rest were rejected. Monitoring allowed a broader control of operations and its set boundaries within which to remain when maximising management. Monitoring ensures the long-term, balanced sustainable development as a counter to management's short-term focus.

A clear focus

The result

By implementing clear performance management criteria for the entire organisation, employee awareness of Canal Digital's objectives and strategies rose from 70 per cent to 98 in less than a year. It has also resulted in rendering management team meetings radically more efficient in terms of both time and decisiveness.

- Greatly increased awareness of the organisation's objectives and strategies: from 70 per cent to 90 in less than a year
- Continuous increase in the customer base in the prioritised satellite business
- An established working methods that is greatly appreciated by management and staff

  • 70% » 98% Greatly increased awareness of the organisation's objectives and strategies
A major reason for Canal Digital's success in recent years is the clear focus our performance management creates. We take the consequences of our strategic choices and act in line with them. The Information Company has provided fantastic support in getting us here!

John Nordin CEO Canal Digital Sweden and Finland Canal Digital

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